Hymir's cauldron part 3

In the morning they set off to sea. Once they had sailed far from the mainland, Hymir dropped the fishing line and after a while he pulled out two whales. Now Odin's son took the oars in his hands and led the boat out to the center of the sea, tam, where the greatest depth. He hooked the head of a black ox on a hook as bait and threw it into the water. After a while, feeling resistance, he began to pull. The depths roared, The earth shook to its foundations. The dreaded head of Midgardsorm - the Serpent of the World - appeared on the surface. Hymir huddled on the bottom of the boat, seeing a monster, while Thor reached for the hammer, wanting to kill the reptile. Suddenly the rope broke and the snake returned unscathed into the depths of the sea.

The merry came back to shore Thor pleased, that he had taught a giant, and Hymir remained silent all the time, afraid to look out from under the bench, for there is nothing more terrifying in the world, like the sight of Midgardsorm.

On the way, Thor began to specify the purpose of his visit and insisted, for the giant to give him his biggest beer cauldron. Hymir apparently yielded to the pleas, but as soon as they reached the shore and felt the hard ground beneath his feet, he regained his confidence. Mocking Thor's failed catch, doubted his strength and demanded, by As, if he wants to receive a boiler, and he has enough strength, dragged the boat to the shed, and carried the load home. Thor was furious, but inhibiting rash nature, he seized the canoe by the stew and, slung them over his shoulder, he carried with all the equipment and cargo to the manor.