Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center is both a traditional museum facility, as well as a platform for exchanging views on war, peace or the resolution of armed conflicts. The Nobel Peace Center is located in Oslo, because that's where it admits from 1901 r. The Nobel Peace Prize,

Nobel Peace Center (norw. Nobel Peace Center) is located in Brynjulf ​​Bulls Square, in the former, 19th-century building of the Western railway station. The center started operating in 2005 r., and its opening ceremony was attended by the Norwegian Royal Family. The fact is not without significance, that the Center is located in the vicinity of the Town Hall, in which the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year. Not a fact at all, that the award for merits in the field of promoting peace in the world is presented in Oslo, requires a few words of explanation. As you know, all other Nobel Prizes are awarded in Sweden - decisions on physics and chemistry prizes are made by members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, decisions on. awards in medicine - Karolinska Institute, a ws. Literature Awards - Swedish Academy. To the question, why the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize was left to Alferd Nobel (Swede) The Norwegian Nobel Committee (appointed by the Parliament of Norway) historians give different answers. However, the most likely version is, as if it was a gesture of goodwill by the Nobel in relation to the Norwegians, who at the end of the 19th century. they insisted on breaking the union with Sweden. If, however, Alfred Nobel's desire was to maintain the union with Norway, it may be good, that the industrialist died in 1896 r., because it did not break up the union, which followed in 1905 r.

Today, at the Nobel Peace Center, you can learn a lot about the award founder himself, as well as about the individual winners (including about awarded international organizations). As for Alfred Nobel himself, it may seem fascinating to look at its history. Although everyone knows, that Nobel invented dynamite, not everyone is aware of it anymore, that this industrialist's fortune had grown in the arms industry. When visiting the Center, it is difficult not to ask about your motives, which guided the Nobel Prize at the time of establishing the prize of its name. Especially, that in the criteria given by him, These people were to be awarded first of all, which are aimed at reducing the armed forces.

Apart from Alfred Nobel, it is worth taking a closer look at the profiles of people at the Center, who have received the Nobel Peace Prize (more than once controversial). Among the honored people were, among others. Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Austen Chamberlain, George Marshall, Rene cassin, Henry Kissinger, Lech Walesa, Elie Wiesel, Chat Arafat, Al. Gore or recently Barack Obama. Among the awarded organizations, there were, for example, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, UNICEF, International Labor Organization, Doctors Without Borders and finally the International Atomic Energy Agency. At the Nobel Peace Center, however, you can see not only various exhibitions (permanent and temporary) and installations, but also take part in numerous seminars, open meetings and art workshops.

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