Privacy policy

Privacy policy
Privacy Policy for the domain

The privacy of our website users is very important to us. Below is information about personal data collected when visiting We never sell or transfer this information to other entities.
Log files

Like most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files. The information in the log files includes your IP number, computer network name (host), Your internet provider (for example, TP SA, or Dialog), browser, which you are using (for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), the time you spend on the website and which pages you open, using our website.
Cookies and web beacons

We use cookies (cookies) to store such information, like your personal settings when you visit our website. This may include being able to log into certain website features, like forum, chat, or form fields.

In addition, we display advertisements from external websites, to maintain our site. Some of these advertisers (e.g.. Google through the Google AdSense program) may use technologies such as cookies, or web beacons, which, when their advertisements are displayed on our website, will send advertisers information containing your IP address, internet provider, browser type, which you are using and in some cases information about the installed Flash add-on. This is generally used to show ads to users in their area (for example, advertisements of stores in Warsaw served to a user from the capital) or matching ads based on pages, which they visited before (showing food company advertisements to the user, who visits cookery sites frequently).
Pliki cookie DoubleClick DART

In addition, we may use DART cookies, for the purpose of displaying advertisements by the Google DoubleClick system, which creates the cookie file, when you visit websites, using the DoubleClick advertising system (including some Google AdSense ads). This cookie is used to present advertisements tailored to your interests („interest based targeting”). Ads will be selected based on the history of the pages, which you visited (e.g, if you have browsed websites about Krakow's monuments, advertisements about hotels in Krakow will be displayed, even on sites with a different topic like soccer). The DART system uses "non-personally identifiable information". It does NOT track personal information, like your name, address e-mail, address, Phone number, PIN number, bank account numbers or credit cards.

You can disable or completely disable cookies on our websites or the websites of our advertisers in the options of your web browser or by selecting the appropriate option in firewall programs (e.g.. Norton Internet Security). However, disabling cookies may make it impossible to fully use the options of our website. Among other things, you will not be able to log in to the forums and create and log in to your own accounts.