Kragero, a popular holiday destination with narrow streets and white houses, has been a market town since 1666 r. For many years, it has also been a refuge for Norwegian artists. Edvard Munch spent several vacations here, spending free time fishing. He was certainly a better painter than a writer, when he took a note: “On more than one sleepless night I think and dream about Kragero… Above me the sea wind whistles, I have fragrant pine trees behind my back, and ahead of me the waves crashing on the rocky glass. Regards Kragero, a pearl among coastal towns”. Recently at the site, in which Munch painted the winter sun by the sea, his new monument was unveiled.

At the beginning of the 20th century. Norwegian holidaymakers began to flock to Kragero, and the district is proud to say the least 3000 holiday homes. You can enjoy a perfect panorama of the city and the skerries from the vantage point on the Steinmann hill (access from the stadium).


For any information about Kragero and the surrounding area, contact the extremely helpful Fokus Turistkontor (Torggata 1, 35982388, fax 35983177), which is open every day in summer from 10.00 do 20.00.

A self-service launderette is located in Havn's Vask og Rens in Guest Harbor (passenger port); free parking.

Berg-Kragero Museum

The Berg-Kragero Museum is a counting 120 hectares of the estate, situated on the southern shore of the Hellefjord, 3 km from the center. On its territory there is a country residence with 1830 r., as well as gardens, walking paths, cafe and gallery with works of art and historical memorabilia. The museum is open every day from 1 VI to 31 VIII (12.00-18.00, admission 40 nkr).


Many people stop at Kragero when traveling to the island of Jomfruland – the most popular place in the area. The island has 7,5 km long and 1 km wide, it is almost entirely covered with forest, and for the most part it descends towards the sea by sandy beaches. Two lighthouses – older (1869) and newer (1937) – can be visited during the year only on Sundays from 12.00 do 18.00. From the beginning of June to the end of August, both facilities are open to visitors also from Monday to Saturday between hours 12.00- 16.00.

Kragero Fjordbatselskap ferries in summer (35985859) run from Kragero to Jomfruland two or three times a day (20 min, 24 nkr). The atmospheric Jomfruland Camping is located near the lighthouse (35991275). Setting up a tent costs money 50 nkr (Additionally 10 nkr per person), You pay for a place for a trailer 110 nkr (electricity is included in the price), and for renting a cottage with four beds – 350 nkr.