Loki's quarrel, part 3

Hearing this unparalleled slander, the gods fired with great anger. And now only Odin joined the dispute. Outraged by Loki's unparalleled behavior, he drew his attention to his madness, which inevitably drives him to ruin. But no arguments were able to appeal to Loki, overcome with vengeance. He went berserk, waving his arms, made accusations, which his sick mind gave him. He began to judge the First of the gods in insulting words, calling him a cheat and a scoundrel, because, according to him, he passed his sentences unjustly, conferring victory in the fight of the cowardly and the weaker.

Odin didn't bother too much with the drunkard's chatter, and with calm words caught his attention, that he is not to be judged by the actions of the wiser and more dignified. He also pointed out to him, since Loki mentioned the scoundrels and deceptions, dishonorable practices, what he did, hidden for eight years in the most secret corners of the Earth. Loki was amazed, because he thought, that deeds, who he did there, and which he would rather forget, they will never come out, forever hidden in the darkness of a mystery. Now Odin was describing, how he enjoyed homosexual practices and witchcraft, as a hermaphrodite, he gave birth to monstrous offspring. Revealing these abominations, Odin stripped him of his honor and rights to compensation. Anyway, Loki, despite the insanity that limits him, he was reluctant to fight the Lord of gods and men. However, he did not forget his tongue and did not fail to treat Odin with slander, putting god in an equally shameful light. It's hard to say, wouldn't fierce take Loki too far, if not for Frigg. The wise goddess threw words of reconciliation between the feuding, radząc im, that they would leave the past alone and remember what they had done, which they committed in the days of the world's youth. But nothing could stop the enraged Loki. advantage of the opportunity, that he had a new one, weaker opponent, he poured out all his anger at Frigg, accusing Odin's spouse of adultery and debauchery. This was too much even for the goddess of the dovish heart. She raised her hands in mute indignation and called out, that if her Baldr had lived, no one would dare to insult a mother in front of her son. Loki drunk with his own fury, he yelled back at it, that he had never feared Baldr, and it was he who had brought death to the most beautiful of gods. Tacts blindly admitted himself to the crime. Frigg paused in pain, though her heart had been telling her for a long time, who was the cause of the misfortune. She was not seeking vengeance herself, because she knew, that fate would reach the murderer anyway.