Loki's quarrel, part 4

Silence, which now collapsed in the banquet hall of Agir's court, hung like a black cloud over Loki's head. The air smelled of anger and blood. Freyja - the lovers' guardian, herself full of pain and contempt, fearing, lest the holy peace be broken, Loki pointed out madness, that he was too sure of inviolability in the presence of the Aesir, he boasts of his crimes. After all, the gods had suspected for a long time, who is responsible for Baldr's death, and it was only because of their oaths that they refused vengeance. This time the measuring cup changed.

In his blindness, Loki ignored the threat in the goddess's words, but as it was before, he showered her with insults, calling out, that this, all the gods slept with and caught incest, he has no right to speak among such distinguished persons. It is a fact, that Freyja had the worst reputation in Asgard and that for the first time during the entire feast, Loki seemed to tell the truth. Even so, his words outraged Njord deeply. He said, there is no wonder there is to it, that beautiful women are looking for love in the arms of men, but Loki, who disgraced his own gender, indulging in lascivious amusements as a harlot, it has no right to judge anyone on this matter. Loki hearing it, he shouted passionately about the humiliation, Njord suffered, while he was hostage in Jotunheim. The lord of the sea replied to this, that's all, what he suffered, is nothing compared to this, that he is Freya's father, everyone loves and Freya - the lord of love and male fitness, to whom everyone worships, and Loki could only beget spooks and monsters. Here he supported the god Tire, but Loki mocked him at once, that his son Fenrir had stripped him of his right hand, which makes him worse in battle than a woman. Tyr recalled in response, what a fate befell the Wolf, and the memory stung Loki like fire. Frey got into an argument and warned the giant, that if he did not remain silent, it will share the son's fate. Loki, laughing mockingly, reminded Freyj, that he bribed his sword for the charms of the beautiful Gerda and fate would overtake him, when on the day of the ragnarok he will meet the sons of Surt.

Heimdall, fed up with quarrels, he tried to calm the drunk, but Loki, drenched by fury and beer, kept hurling insults. In his madness, he even lowered himself to this, to argue with the servants. Nothing could stop him anymore. Or Skadi's sensible warnings, nor the conciliatory gesture of Siv. The golden-haired consort of Thor, meek of heart and full of goodness, she went to Loki and handed him a cup of old honey for reconciliation. The giant took the cup and said, that she is the only one, spotless would be among the gods, but his memory gives him moments, while they were cutting the horns of the Thunderer together. Syw burst into tears.

At that moment, Agir's court trembled. It was Thor who entered the hall. The glow surrounded him, for great anger burned in him with full flame. Earlier he had heard of the feast and was in a hurry from afar, to punish the impudent. When he entered the banquet hall, he heard the last words of slander, and anger erupted in him with redoubled force. He roared in a loud voice and threatened Loki, that if he didn't fall silent, that would kill him with Mjollnir, which no giant can cope with.