Loki's revenge, part 2

Odin pretended to be Wegtama, wanderer. He was asking her for signs now, about dreams. The prophetess, forced by a spell, replied, that bad fate would soon befall Baldr. In the Hel manor, benches are already prepared for his reception, honey is brewed. She wanted to leave, but god would not let her. He continued asking. She spoke then, forced by a spell about it, how Hod kills his brother. Wali born of Rind will come to avenge him. Odin's son will have one night, when he avenges his brother. Here she fell silent, she is gone, and sorcery has lost its power…

Odin returned to Asgard and told the gods, what he saw and heard. Great sorrow reigned among the Aesir. The gods gathered for council and counseled, how to reverse the sentences of fate. Freyja, who has power over all living things, she made an oath on all things in the world, that they would do no harm to Bal-dr. She got them all the easier, that everything loved Baldr. For he was it, what's good and clear in the world.

Joy reigned in Asgard. It seemed to everyone, that destiny has been deceived. The gods had a great celebration. They threw javelins for fun at Baldra, they cut with sword and ax, they shot him with a bow, and he remained untouched and joyful. The spell was working, and the sentence of fate seemed to be reversed… Suddenly, while playing, Baldr fell to death, wounded. It was Hód who released the arrow extended and directed by a sneaky hand.

In grief, Loki could not bear the joy that reigned in Asgard. The thought of revenge was slowly developing in him. When he heard Freya's message, he understood, that there is an opportunity to strike the gods with it, what is most dear to them. He knew, that in the eastern part of Asgard she had grown up young, plant unknown to anyone. So he went to her, he named her Mistolteinn (mistletoe). When she grew up, made an equal of it, long arrow. He strengthened it with spells and handed it to Hod. That's how he made his revenge. Then he hid and was lost for a long time.