Loki's quarrel, part 1

Loki, at first terrified by his deed, he hid full of fear, that the truth will come out and the gods will know whose hand it was drawn and gave Hod the missile of death. Later, when it seemed, that the mournful Asowie, they are unaware of the crimes, what he had done and they forgot about him, more and more stubbornness and anger began to grow in him. He couldn't get over it, that despite the loss, which the world suffered with the death of Baldr, his face has not changed. Spring has come, bringing with it new life and hope. From Midgard came the voice of newborn babies and the laughter of their parents. The ice in Jotunheim was cracking, riotous spring waters washed the land of winter evil. The world was coming to life, beaming with full brilliance. Music and chants resounded in Asgard. The gods shook themselves from mourning, remembering the words of hope, that Odin said to his son.

Once, as was the custom in the past, the gods met at Agir's feast. The Aesir feasted in the magnificent hall of his undersea court, tasting brewed beer and honey. Odin took a prominent place, having Frigg on his left. Syw sat next to it. Thor was not with her, for he was just playing in the east, in Jotunheim - the land of giants. Bragi and Iddun also arrived, and Tire followed them. Njord, along with Skadi and Frey and Freya, sat at the far end of the room filled to the brim with other Agir's guests.. Finally Loki arrived.

Agir made a feast, which has not been there so far. The tables bent under the weight of all kinds of dishes known in all worlds. From the magical, Beer and honey poured in a wide stream of self-filling golden jugs, -straight to the corners. The glow emanating from the golden lamps poured joy and peace into hearts.

Two of Agir's servants, Fima-feng and Eldir, served the gods at the table. The Aesir had no praise for their dexterity, with which the servants served the most exquisite dishes and poured drinks. As, how more and more cups were poured out, Loki darkened. He couldn't bear to see the Aces merry, and the long-hidden hatred flooded his heart with a black wave. Then, hearing choral praise, with which the servants of Agir were showered, he sprang from the bench and, in uncontrolled anger, murdered Fimafeng. A great scream rang out in the hall. The Aesir took their weapons, but Loki was protected by the holy peace guaranteed for the feast and the former brotherhood. So they seized the murderer and drove him out of the court like a dog, then they sat down to feast again.