Freyja i Hyndla cz.3

They went with Ottar to Jotunheim. You, at the edge of the Iron Forest was Hyndla's headquarters, wise giantess, before which neither the past, nor the future had any secrets. It was to her that the goddess decided to bring Ottar. But so that the spells of the terrible land of Thursów would not fall on him, she gave him the form of a boar, the animal, which was dedicated to her. Then she mounted him like a steed, and they set off. It was a terrifying journey, full of dangers and hardships. But at last they reached the rock gates of Hyndla's homestead. They found the prophetess in sleep, but Freyja began to speak kind words to her, so that the giantess woke up, accepted, albeit reluctantly, uninvited guests. The goddess now began to ask the all-knowing one, that she would break her reluctance and conceal from Ottar the secret of his origin. In return, she promised to obtain for Hyndla the grace of the gods, and even Thor himself, the irreconcilable enemy of the giants. The prophetess initially resisted these persuasions, not hiding, that he knows, that it was Ottar, transformed into a young man, who had come with the goddess, nor about that, what they both have in common. Eventually, however, she began to weave the history of the Otari family. Old heroes came to life, whose fame has not faded to this day: Ulf i Swan Rudy, Alf called Old and Halfdan, Skjoldungowie in Skilfingowie, Cultivation and Ynglingowie, the greatest of the greatest families. The words of the song echoed with the battles of old, the brave have walked the path of fame. Proud women gave birth to sons, so that they fill Valhalla. A long line of names that are spoken reverently throughout Midgard. Ottar was amazed, hearing, how wonderful is your birth. Freyja was also amazed, no longer ashamed of his relationship with an ordinary mortal. But the song continued. And they heard it, goddess and man, to, what before them heard only Odin at the dawn of the world.