Freyja i Hyndla cz.2

Year after year, free husbands gathered at Biała Rock, to advise and settle disputes. From tar, poor and without supporters, he had little chance of winning the case with such a famous and powerful husband, what his uncle was. However, he was lucky. For there were people who were reluctant to Antantyr, who remembered his mother and him as a boy, with whom she came in these parts. However, there was no evidence, that standing in front of Ottar, and that child, it is one and the same person. The council was consulted, that if in a year, on the next thingu, Ottar will present the history of his family and trace the genealogy, and thus prove his rights, it is Angantyr who will give him his patrimony.

So Ottar set off on a long journey, to question people and look for traces of their ancestors. Wandered like this, wandered, but was it the charms of the women he encountered that obscured his world?, or he could not find, enough on this, that the due date was coming to an end, and he didn't do anything.

So he kept walking, lost in sad thoughts, until he met the old man, sitting alone at the edge of the road. After a short conversation, not knowing why, he told him about his problems and told him about his whole life. The old man advised him, that he would seek help from the goddess Freya. To this end, he was to build an altar of field boulders and sacrifice a pair of oxen on it. So it happened and it happened. As the smoke of the sacrificial fire rose heavenward, and the blood flowed onto the stones, the goddess herself stood before the astonished Ottar. She was captivated by the beauty of the young man, so that she decided to fulfill his requests and help him get the treasure. Before that, however, he had to remain in the power of the goddess for a month. However, this was not meant to be too burdensome for the young man. After all, Freyja was the most beautiful of the goddesses, and Ottar himself was hot….

These happy games lasted a whole month, until finally there are only three days left until the due date. Then Freyja decided to keep her promise.