The Tale of Grimnir, Part 3

On the ninth night Geirrod's little son snuck up on him and gave him a drink, at least in this way to reduce the suffering of the prisoner. By a twist of fate, he was called Agnar, just like his uncle, and he was the same age as that one then, when he died at sea. At the same time, the flames were already engulfing the condemned man's clothing. Suddenly the fire died down and Agnar, amazed, heard it, that the stranger began to sing a strange song. At first, Grimnir cursed the fires and the fires that had been bursting with high flames so far only now glowed. Then, with the words of the songs, he paid tribute to Agnar and promised a reward for such a glorious deed. For a sip of the drink, he was to become a great king and lead heroes to victorious battles. Later Grimnir sang the Song of Acts, o bogach i krainach, they rule, the Walhalłi, where the heroes wait for the day of the Last Battle, about the sun and the moon and the work of creation. Listening to Agnar, he now learned the truth of the world and God's wisdom. Grimnir continued singing. His voice grew so much now, that the walls of the hall seemed to tremble in their foundations. The shackles have fallen. The prisoner got up, and his form grew with each passing moment, glowing with unusual radiance. The hall was filled with people now, who converged, hearing the words of the Song. They got it, that Odin himself is standing in front of them, The ruler of the world. God with a thousand names.

Words, seeing who he ordered to imprison, rushed, to appease a god and take him out of the fire. On the way, however, he stumbled and fell on his sword, which slipped out of his scabbard. This is how the prophecy came true.