The Tale of Grimnir, Part 2

Words, as soon as he appeared at the court, he was immediately recognized and greeted warmly. Hraudung just died, so it didn't take long, how he was made king. Despite his young age, from the very beginning of his rule he was known as a brave and just ruler, and his name became famous. Wise indeed were the teachings of the one-eyed old man, and Geirrod turned out to be a learned student.

Once upon a time Odin and Frigg looked from the Hlidskjalf highlands to Earth and enjoyed, seeing the success of his pupil. He also mocked Agnar, who lived a miserable life in Niflhel. Posmutniała Frigg, looking at the fate of the pet, however, she could not change the sentences of fate. So she decided to take revenge on Geirroda, despite the fact that it was Odin who gave him a way to achieve success in life. To this end, she told her husband, like it's his favorite, despite his wealth and power, he is stingy, so that he even breaks the holy laws, tormenting the guests, if too many show up at his premises. Odin, unable to believe it, decided to see visually. Before him, however, Frigg's maid appeared at Geirrod's court, Full. She warned the ruler against a stranger sorcerer, who wanders around the country, casting spells. She also said, that the king would know him easily after that, that no dog will bite him, and he will run away with a howl.

Frigg's warning was an obvious trick. Geirrod, however, allowed himself to be approached. When a stranger appeared in the manor, and all the dogs ran away when they saw him, the king ordered him to be seized and began to examine him, who he is and what he comes for. The stranger, however, only said, that his name was Grimnir, and he would not say anything more about himself. To make him reveal who he really is, the king had condemned him to torment. The servants chained Grimnir to the wall of the hall, and great fires were lit on either side of it. He sat like that for eight days and nights, suffering unspeakable torments.