Hunting for seals

Hunting for seals. In Norway, seal hunting has been limited to two species: harpoon and hooded cap. The aim of the hunt is clearly to limit the development of a growing population. A fishing lobby would like to reduce competition, what marine mammals are to fishing vessels (the average individual eats up to 2,5 kg of fish per day). Moreover, seal hunting is a livelihood for the people of Norway and several other countries in the North Atlantic.
Hunting for seals is carried out on a small scale, mainly for fur and meat. Nevertheless, considering the absolute vulnerability of these animals (they can't even escape), it is undoubtedly a very cruel occupation. To silence the protests, regulations have been made to restrict seal hunters. They may only have a shotgun and a hakapik, that is, the javelin. The first tool is used to kill adults, the second – young (even seals are allowed to be hunted, who are still suckling mother's milk). Hunters must undergo training and shooting tests before each hunting season.

The animal and plant world in Norway is relatively modest compared to neighboring Sweden and Finland. And yet the varied topography makes it, that in Norway it is quite varied, rich vegetation, as well as numerous species of animals.