Whaling. No other issue related to environmental protection in Norway arouses such international interest and so many emotions, like resuming whale hunting in the Arctic Sea. W 1993 r. in Norway, commercial minka hunting has been resumed, in violation of the international prohibition against hunting these animals. Although Norway supports the protection of other endangered species, the Norwegian government considers, that the whales will face me, whose number in the North Atlantic is 75 000, fishing does not threaten, as long as they are controlled and limited. W 1993 r. Norwegian hunters were allowed to kill with harpoons 157 minkę whales. This number has since doubled. International political circles found no reason to react strongly, but groups of ecological movements, especially Greenpeace, they expressed heated opposition and protest campaigns began; there are even real attacks on whaling ships.

It is known from history, that the whalers of this region have no qualms, when it comes to hunting whales, up to the verge of extinction of animals. However, the Norwegians say, that modern whalers must adhere to the detail, a strict system of standards for them, which will most certainly not endanger any species. Whale-hunting advocates take care, that protests are brought by people with a sentimental attitude towards animals, sincerely willing, but out of touch with reality. Hunting supporters say too, that most European and American townspeople have no contact with real nature and do not understand the principles of its management, and that the objections to whaling are irrational, because they are characterized by "almost religious fervor, which is a projection of interpersonal relations and emotions onto wild sea creatures”, as stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Important, that Norwegian whalers respect the time allotted for hunting and respect the conservation periods - when hunting whalers is not allowed, are engaged in traditional fishing. Persons, who want to hunt whales, they must have their own vessels and belong to a professional fishing community. Fishfinders must not be used to locate and kill whales, and for hunting only. caliber harpoon guns should be used 50 i 60 mm with explosives, that the animals die as quickly as possible. Shotguns can only be used as an auxiliary weapon. There must be a qualified veterinarian on board each vessel, who makes sure that the rules are complied with. A whale hit by a harpoon is pulled aboard the ship and undressed (it takes away the oil). The meat and fish oil are then delivered to the coastal factory, dealing with processing and packaging. Norwegians say, that they support traditional family businesses and have no intention or desire to return to industrial whaling.

A huge threat to Norwegian whales (in addition to hunting) is water pollution with chemicals, especially PCB. This substance damages the reproductive and immune systems of cetaceans. Such cases have already been observed in underwire fish at the beginning of the years 90. – the many deaths of these large mammals were then caused by viral infections.