The story of Skirnir, part 1

One time Frey sat on Hlidskjalf, Throne of the World, and watched, what is happening in the human world, dwarfs and giants. He had seen numerous battles and fallen heroes carried in song by Bilrost to Valhalla. Dwarfs cut dark corridors at the roots of the mountains. In Jotunheim, the giants are plotting vengeance in their ice castles, but less likely to fight after Thor's recent expeditions. Right there, he saw such a beautiful girl in the household, that she seemed to him the personification of the joy of life. Charming and graceful, she was walking across the yard, blazing with the radiance of his beauty, like a torch. Frey's heart caught fire with so much love and desire, that he couldn't find a place for himself afterwards. He was no longer enjoying the feasts, nor the merits of beautiful brides, Frey has never lacked, but he only craved this one and saw no way, to get it, he collapsed, he fell into great sadness and growled.

Njord was worried, seeing the inconsolable son. My mother was also worried, Skadi. They asked for the reason, but Frey did not want to reveal the reason for his sadness. In the end, they both broke off, to send Skirnir to him, servant and friend from childhood. So Skirnir went to Frey and began to question him. At first, God would not reveal anything. He only complained, that the sun is shining, when his heart is plunged into the darkness of regret. In the end, however, he confessed to his friend, that neither to sleep, nor can he eat from a moment, when he saw the daughter of the giant Gimir, Gerd. But he sees no way to connect with her, because the manor, in which he lives, surrounds a magical flame called "vajrlogi."”, which each, when he wants to cross it, they will burn to ashes, and the House of Gimir is known for their hatred of the Aesir. Skirnir replied, that he would undertake to win Gerd's favor, if Frey gives him her magic sword, who alone overcomes his enemies, and his horse. God full of hope agreed to it without thinking, not thinking at the moment, that this miracle weapon could be useful to him in the future. He will remember this, when he has to fight Surt on the day of Ragnarok.