The story of Skirnir, part 2

Skirnir strapped on his sword, he mounted a horse and after some time he stood in Jótunheim in front of the burning moat of the Gymira manor. Here he saw a giant sitting on a hill overlooking the buildings. So he went to him, wanting to know, how to get through the magic circle of fire unscathed. Giant, and it was Gymir, when he heard, that the stranger wants to see the beautiful Gerd, he fell into his tribe's usual frenzy and began to threaten Skirnir with death. The latter, however, was not afraid of the giant's anger, but he tore the sword from its scabbard and was ready to deliver the killing blow, when Gerd ran in and stopped him. She had heard the argument and was curious, who dared to provoke the wrath of her father. Now, seeing the danger, which hung over his head, she begged the stranger, to spare Gymir his life. This succumbed to the girl's requests on condition, however, that Gerd would agree to hear what he was arriving with. And so it happened. The girl asked Skirnir to the hall and served him with honey, like a guest of honor. When they tasted the hospitable drink, Skirnir bowed to her from Trey and offered her miracle apples as a wedding gift, te same, that gave the gods eternal youth. But the proud maid replied, that he would never accept such gifts, for he does not intend to enter into any relationship with any of the Aesir, choćby najpiękniejszym. Skirnir, however, did not care about the whims of the woman and offered her a wonderful necklace so cleverly made by, that eight others rose from it every ninth night. Despite its beauty and unique properties, did not impress Gerd. She just replied, that there is enough gold in the Gymira chamber and the trinkets do not amuse her. Seeing such stubbornness and disrespect, Skirnir jumped up from the bench and, having grabbed the sword, he began to threaten, that if Gerd didn't agree to marry Freya, he will feel the blade of this weapon on him, and her father will not pass by death.