Freyja i Hyndla cz.1

Ottar was named a husband and he was Innstein's son, who became famous on the western route, where he won gold and fame in his expeditions against the Franks. In the end though, when the boy was still a baby, on one of them, Innstein met her death. This is how Ottar grew up without a father from an early age. Times were uncertain then. Many families were leaving the country, going to Ireland or Iceland. There, what the others, they died in fratricidal fights. At location, where the houses of proud families once stood, the ashes were now black. Ottar's mother, fearing for his son's life, she moved with all her belongings to quieter parts to her brother. It was called Angantyr and was a famous howding. After Ottar's mother died, he wanted to take possession of the treasure, what is left for the boy after his father. To this end, he hid it in ignorance of its origin.

Ottar grew quickly, until he finally turned from a boy into a beautiful man. His beauty was so great, that all the girls in the neighborhood wanted him to marry, or even for a lover. The young man was not insensitive of heart and gladly inclined towards the persuasions of more charming ladies and virgins, so that he gained extraordinary experience in this matter in a short time. He only lacked wealth to be fully happy, from which he could draw at will, basking in the joys of this world.

At that time, Ottara's old nurse died. Imagine his amazement, when from the mouth of a dying person he learned about his origin and riches, which Angantyr appropriated. However, the road to the treasure was long. It was known, that the uncle will not voluntarily give the boy his inheritance. So Ottar decided to present his case on the thingu. It also happened.