Ransom part 1

Baldr departed, and a shadow of sadness fell on the abode of the gods. Nothing could ease the grief of losing it, whom the Aesir loved the most. Time seemed to be filling up, and the ragnarok seemed closer than ever. The world froze in despair while waiting for the Doomsday…

One Frigg has not given up hope. She knew, that if someone is found, who dares to enter the abode of Hel and obtain her grace, Baldr will be able to return to Earth. Hermod offered himself on a mission, messenger of the gods. Odin gave him an armor and a helmet of horror for the journey, to protect him and deter the dark powers of hell. Nine days and nights, Odin's son rode the road, which only the dead wander, until he stood by the river Giallar, over which the bridge was thrown, shining in the eternal darkness with its own golden glow. Here he came across Modgudr, guardian of the Gate of Hel. Despite her terrifying form, Hermod ascended the bridge, and this one bowed under him, for so heavy was the burden of sorrow, carried by the messenger of the gods. He entered the land of death without fear, protected by the magic of the Aesir and the dignity of his mission. She recognized Modgudr right away, who is, because there, where the dead live there are no secrets, and led him to the court of Hel.

There he saw Hermod Baldr sitting prominently at the table of the goddess of death. He spent one night at her headquarters, enjoying the sight of a lost brother. The next day Hel began to ask, that she would agree to give Baldr to the world. The goddess agreed to it on one condition, however: everything that was alive and dead on Earth was to pay her a ransom of tears in return.