Skrymir part 1

Once upon a time, Thor went on another journey around the world, a cart drawn by two trestles. Loki was with him. When night fell, they saw a modest cottage in the distance. The farmer lived there with his son Thjalfi and daughter Roskwa. The poor people were and had little to offer to the gods, when they knocked on the door, asking for hospitality. However, they welcomed them cordially, but they could not host supper, for they themselves had nothing to eat. Thor, seeing the poverty reigning in the hut, buckles out, he killed them and ordered the host to make supper of them. He ordered it, so that no bone is damaged.

When everyone was hungry, he wrapped his bones in the skin and went to sleep. The goats came to life the next morning, but one of them was limping on his hind leg. It turned out, that Thjalfi, wanting to get to the marrow, broke a bone against the prohibition. Thor was furious, and it seemed to the viewer, that all the storms of Midgard had converged here, wanting to wipe out the farmer's house and his family. However, moved by the laments and crying of the children, he gave up his revenge, but as compensation he continued on Thjalfi, who was supposed to carry his things, God had to leave the goats with the harness in the yard until a time, until the bone of the goat is grown. From that moment on, the three of them would walk together.

They were heading east now. Having penetrated the depths of the sea, at last they entered the woods, which formed the border of Jotunheim. As night fell, began to look for a place to stay. At one point, Thor noticed a great house, whose gate was wide the entire wall. They were looking for a host, but they didn't find him. So they went inside and lay down to sleep. Loki and Thjalfi took the larger room, and Thor slept in a smaller one, side.