Skrymir part 2

In the middle of the night, a terrible noise woke them, but neither of them dared to go outside and see what the noise was. As dawn broke, they ran outside and noticed the sleeping giant nearby. It was so large, that even Thor was frightened and, contrary to his custom, did not throw a hammer at him at once, but asked for a name. Thurs replied, that his name is Skrymir and he is happy to meet him, because he meets the famous Thor, the most valiant of the Aesir, whom he always wanted to meet. He later asked Thor to return the glove, he lost the night before. Imagine the amazement of god, when it turned out, that building, in which he stayed, he was just Skrimir's glove. They then ate breakfast together, and the giant made a sacrifice, that he would carry the luggage. On the way, he told them, that there is a place called Utgard nearby, ruled by the mighty Utgardaloki. It is inhabited by the giants of the strongest in Jotunheim and if Thor wants to know the measure of his own strength, he should go there and face Utgardaloki's household. Thor, more and more surprised and curious, accepted the offer. So they went to Utgard, having Skrimir as a guide.

When evening came, Skrymir went to sleep immediately, leaving Asom his bag of provisions. Thor struggled with the pannier straps half the night, but the knots would not come off. Eventually hungry and angry he began to suspect, that the giant had cast a spell on the bag, wanting to mock them. He kidnapped Mjollmir and hit Thursy on the head with him. Skrymir must have had a hard skull. After Thor's blow, he awoke for a moment, saying, I think the wind had picked up, because some leaf fell from the tree, disturbing his sleep. God muttered something in response and went to sleep even more angry. After a while, Skrimir's snoring became so loud, that Thor grabbed the hammer and hit the conductor's head with all his might. And this time the giant was not harmed. He yawned awake, saying, that it was probably the acorn that fell on him and interrupted his sleep. When Skrimir's snoring became unbearable, Thor decided to put an end to these noises. He now put all the strength of his mighty arms into the strike. This time Skrymir woke up for good. Rubbing my head, jumped up from the bed, saying, that probably dawn is near, for the birds wake up from sleep and some branch has been thrown over his face. Thor was amazed, seeing such power in great, but he showed nothing of himself. Hungry they set off quickly, as the guide claimed, that it is not far to the seat of Utgardaloki, and there are probably tables set for them. He just asked them, lest they be afraid to see the people of Utgard, for the Thurss who live there are of even greater height and more powerful demeanor, than himself. The gods were outraged by this accusation of cowardice, but they said nothing, because hunger tormented them more and more.