Skrymir part 3

Some time later they saw a city in the distance, whose tops of houses were so high, you had to look up to see them, up to the point of breaking your neck. The wanderers were amazed, as they looked at this mighty city, which seemed to them at that moment more magnificent and more powerful even than Asgard. Fascinated by this view, they did not notice, that Skrymir suddenly disappeared, leaving them on their own. They were wondering now, how to enter the castle. Unnoticed passage through a huge shaft, Loki's favorite way, it seemed impossible. So they had to give up the discreet way of getting inside. There was only an open path through the gate, and they didn't like it. But there was nothing they could do about it. So they started their journey along the fortifications of the stronghold. At one point, Thor found a break in the embankment. It was probably a gate, but so huge, that she was beyond the wildest imaginations of the Asa. It was closed by a grate made of iron bars the thickness of a man. The gods slipped easily between them. Following the sounds of a merry feast, they soon reached an enormous hall. A fire was burning inside, and giants sat on the benches by the walls, drinking and eating. For the hungry hikers the view was heartwarming, though they were not attracted to the company at all. In the place of honor sat a giant so huge, that even Thor was a little confused. God guessed right away, that it must be mentioned by Skrymir Utgardaloki. He did not immediately notice their presence. Only, when they bowed down to him, asking for hospitality, he kindly paid attention to them and pleaded to the table. He also said, that the little man with the hammer at his belt was probably Thor, the most powerful of the Aesir. He did not pay any attention to Loki and Thjal-fie. Thor, struck to the living, with the contemptuous tone of the giant replied, that his husband is not evidenced by his appearance, and deeds. At these belligerent words, the whole room burst into loud laughter. So Utgardaloki suggested, for the Aesir to show what they can do and to compete with his men. The wanderers agreed, and a place was prepared immediately. Food races were to be held first. This is where Loki took part, confident in his strength, especially, that hunger twisted his insides, his opponent was called Logi. A trough was brought to the brim with meat. The opponents sat facing each other. The competition has started on this sign. They both ate so fast, that they immediately met in the center of the vessel. However, the victory was awarded to Logi, because Loki ate only the meat, and Logi swallowed everything up, including bones and trough.