The story of Skirnir, part 3

Gerd, however, sure, that the messenger will be willing to fulfill his mission at all costs, she only mocked his threats and mocked him. Then Skirnir grabbed the last method. He showed the girl a wand covered with runes and threatened, that he would throw the heaviest runes on her, as only in the Nine Worlds are known. He spoke, that madness would descend upon her and she would be transformed, more like a monster than a woman, in the highest mountains, where no eye can see her. And he continued to tell her about pain and longing, who awaits her, when having returned to my father's house, she will be driven out the door, for no one will be able to bear to see her. Ni snu, nor will he know joy anymore. During the day, people will drive her, and in the night the spirits of vengeance. Torn by desire, not a drink, he will not get any food, and it will continue, for the curse of the gods and their wrath have drawn upon her. This is saying, Skirnir began to carve the disease-causing runes in front of her. Gerd, seeing, this is no joke, she was afraid and accepted Skirnir's message. As a sign of her favor, she presented Frey with a cup miraculously carved in mountain crystal. She promised this, that in nine days he would meet the bridegroom in a grove called Barri. Their wedding will take place there. So it happened and it happened, and Frey bestowed his favors upon beautiful Gerd with such tenderness, that the earth had blossomed and had begun to bear fruit.