Thrym part 4

The giant has long been awaiting guests, confident that the market will be successful and, seeing an approaching wedding vehicle, he ordered preparations for the feast. Immediately the tables were set with the best food, and the benches were covered with carpets, yes that, when the guests arrived, everything was ready now. Thrym was surprised indeed, seeing, that the bride's face is obscured, but Loki dressed as a maid immediately explained to him, that the custom of the Aesir has dictated it for centuries.

So they sat down to table, Thrym planted his bride to his left, and her maidservant sat down next to it. Thor, even though the flame of anger burned him, he threw himself at once, for his voracity was known, and he himself devoured the whole ox, eight salmon, all the sweets meant for women, and washed it down with three casks of honey. Thrym, seeing this appetite unheard of in women, he was greatly surprised and said, that he sees for the first time, that a woman could eat and drink so much. Loki cut in immediately, saying, that Freyja could not eat anything for eight days, so she waited longingly for the moment, to see the bridegroom. Hearing this, the giant felt very pleased and wanted to kiss his fiancée. But when he looked into her eyes, glowing from above the veil, he stepped back, as if he saw a snake and cried out, that Freya's eyes are so scary, as if a fire was burning in them. Sly Loki and to that he found the answer. He explained to Thrym, that Freyja was awake eight nights, waiting, to be in a giant's bed. Thrym, who was also looking forward to this moment, he ordered Mjollnir to be brought immediately, was him in the name of Vara - the goddess of marriage vows, to marry the bride.

Thor laughed horribly, when he felt a weapon in his hand. He threw off his robes and stood in his true form in front of the terrified giant. Soon he also deprived him of his life, and all the household members with him. He then returned to Asgard radiant with glory. He just didn't like, when mentioned, how funny he looked in a woman's disguise.