The story of Alwisa, part 1

Once upon a time the gods ordered weapons from cards. It was supposed to be a magical weapon, as light as swan's down, and at the same time sharp and unbreakable. The work was undertaken by a dwarf called Alwis. In his family he was considered the wisest and most skillful craftsman and he was called the Knowing One. He demanded the hand of Thor's beautiful daughter as payment, known because of its beauty - Light. Gods, without thinking, without their father's consent, they agreed to the price and the deal was concluded.

One time Thor was sitting in front of the hall drinking beer, when then a strange figure with a pointed hood on his head stood before him. Pale face, long nose, short legs and a matted beard. It was Alwis, who came for his payment. Have to admit, that he was not very handsome, even for a dwarf. So Thor, when he heard what comes with, he didn't fall, as was his habit, in anger, he just laughed a mocking laugh and said, that neither stature, neither birth allows a dwarf to claim such an honorable party, and he will never agree, that there would be such a mesallity. Alwis replied to this, that no one can break solemn oaths and refuse to pay, when the job has been well done. He stated this, that, indeed, she is poor in stature and short-lived, but there is no one under the sun, who would know more about things than him, that apply to everything, what lives in each of the worlds. Thor revealed now, that he is the Father of Light and thus has the right to break all contracts made without him, about a daughter.