Thrym part 3

Then the Aesir gathered on the thing and began to consult, how are Mjóllnir to recover, and when Freyja did not bow to the pressure of the public and again categorically refused any contact with the giant, they couldn't find a way for a long time. Finally Heimdal suggested a thought, that Thor himself could go in disguise instead of the goddess. They will give him a woman's garments, he will cover his face with a linen scarf, and he will hang Freya's famous necklace around his neck and Thrym will certainly not recognize the fraud. It probably won't happen to the wedding night, as Thor feels Mjollnir in his hand.

Everyone was a very good idea. Only Thor was careful, that he would be disgraced, when she dresses up in women's scarves, unworthy of a real man. Loki convinced him quickly, however, referring to his duty and presenting him with an image of Asgard plundered by giants, when left unattended for longer, without Mjollnir's protection. Hearing it, Thor agreed. So she clothed him, as befits a bride going to the bridegroom's house. Freyja clothed Thor in her finest robe of fine linen and hung the famous Brisyng jewel around her neck, which she received as a gift from the dwarfs. He put a pointy bonnet on his head, what women put on so far on the day they get married. Thor looked amusing in this disguise, and he was angered by the sneaky smirks on the Aces' faces.. The more angry he was towards Thrym, however. Loki offered to accompany him and serve as a bridesmaid. So they set off. Thor mounted his goat-drawn wagon, and Loki, with an art known only to him, changed them like this, that they looked like, like the greatest stallions. The ground trembled and sparks flew from under the wheels, as they rushed to Thrym's court.