The story of Alwisa, part 2

Alwis, seeing who he is dealing with, he bowed humbly and asked for paternal consent. God seemingly granted the dwarf's request. However, he made a condition, that Alwis must prove his knowledge and answer questions, which will make him.

So they both sat down on a bench, and Thor began to ask Alvis for the name of "earth."” in each of the worlds and "heaven”, about the "moon” and "sun”, about 'clouds” and "wind”. The dwarf turned out to be wise indeed. He spoke on names without hesitation, what the gods have given to the things of the world, alpha and people. Time went by, and he continued on about the sea and fire, what a "wolf."” are called in Jotunheim. He called "beer” and "night”, "the” and "cereal” - "barley", which people, generation after generation they are sowing, that when it grows, to receive food and holy drink from it.
Thor hearing, that a dwarf at all, even the most difficult questions gave a good answer, he admitted, that they rightly call him the Omniscient. He laughed at the same time, greatly pleased with myself, for the trick was successful - it was dawn, the first ray of the sun fell on the dwarf and turned it to stone. Alwis is proud of his knowledge and advice, that he can show it to Ace, he forgot the whole world and this, that daylight is fatal to him. So this pride and presumption were punished, a Thor, without breaking my promise, he saved his daughter from the pitiful fate of the dwarf's wife.