Norway counts 4 348 500 residents (January state 1995 r.). It is one of the least populated countries in Europe. The population density is 13 people on 1 km2. Despite high taxes, most Norwegians belong to the middle class. Immigration is strictly controlled due to the maintenance of living standards and low population density. Only genuine refugees are granted a residence permit (unlike all sorts of "refuge seekers."”). Most of these refugees come from Somalia, Bosnia, Sri Lanka and other regions plagued by real misfortunes.

The largest Norwegian cities are Oslo (483 500 residents), Bergen (223 000 residents), Trondheim (144 000 residents) in Stavanger (104 000 residents). The average life expectancy of men is 74,2 patch, and women 80,3 years. Families have an average of two children, which, combined with a small scale of immigration, allows to maintain a constant number of inhabitants.


Most of the people in Norway come from the Nordic variety. These people are probably descendants of the tribes living in central and northern Europe, which migrated north approx. 8000 years ago. Modern Norwegians are in fact indigenous people in southern and central Scandinavia. „Type nordycki” he is generally a tall man of a strong build, with light hair and blue eyes (although many representatives of the Nordic peoples have darker hair and eyes).