The Tale of Harbard part 2

This one was called Harbard, but despite this exchange of courtesy, he still did not want to transport the wanderer. It was visible, that neither a menacing name, nor his fame made a greater impression on Harbard. It was hard for Thor to endure. He thrashed in fury, throwing insults and threats. The carrier, however, apparently had nothing to do with it. And even more, he mocked the furious Thor. He laughed at the deeds, which he was supposed to do, putting your own achievements over them. And when he started joking about the wanderer's love adventures, this one almost broke with anger. Harbard did not spare him any biting words, when he mentioned the famous fight, which Thor fought with the fierce giant witches on the Island of Hlesey. Half-wolves-half-women attacked son Odin and his servant Thjalf, armed with iron-forged clubs. Thor defeated them all with his own hands and freed the country from the horrors reigning there. However, Harbard saw in this only a struggle with women unworthy of her husband. He stated this, that yes, may be, that Thor has great strength, but he is equally cowardly, for it fears real warriors, and only a woman is a worthy opponent to him. That could not be felt by Thor. Jumped in, swinging a hammer, in the cold waters of the bay, and so he was inflamed with anger, that the steam had risen and the fog had covered the whole area. When he reached the other side, He found no one there anymore. Only a mocking laugh came from a distance.

Thor returned to Asgard angry and with a raised beard. He sat down at the feast, but this time he was no longer boasting, and only silently sipped his beer and looked around with evil eyesight. Odin asked his son, why is he so glum. Thor just muttered something indistinctly. Then the Father of Gods, in Harbard's voice, told everyone, how he met a certain wanderer in the bay and, wanting to curb his pride and punish the proud, in the form of a carrier, he fought a duel with him. Thor blushed at first, hearing the joyful laughter of the gods, but when he understood, that his father taught him reason like that, he himself began to laugh at this adventure.